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Beer is at the center of everything we do, and a few core values have always driven the approach to our portfolio: the desire to continue pushing boundaries of experimentation with education, keeping a focus on hospitality by attempting to offer a wide range of styles for a diverse audience, and keeping our team excited and always-learning. With many unique offerings available each year, we take pride in the diversity and breadth of beer we produce.

On Tap Now

Lotta Colada
Light bodied, mildly soured ale, dosed with Pineapple, Mango, and Coconut. Like a day on the beach.
Nordic Mist X
Light bodied, mildly soured ale, this one takes us back to our Scandinavian roots. It’s dosed with Cloudberry, a hard found high mountain berry which has notes of baked apple, raspberry, current, and blackberry depending on your palate.
Mild Sour Ale
Love Potion #9
A hibiscus and rosemary tea infused mild sour. It is both sweet and tart with mild earthy notes. Some cultures believed that teas made with hibiscus enhanced the passions inside us. We make no such claims, or do we?
Mild Sour Ale
The Banshee
A dryer and crisper stout than our big ol’ imperial, Obscurity. This one has a bit of a bite owing to the healthy bittering dose of magnum and cascade hops. Could we really call ourselves a brewery if we didn’t do this for St. Patrick’s Day?
Hoppy Irish Stout
Nordic Wheat
A Nordic take on an American Wheat Ale, light bready body, floral layers of hops from the Mosaic and Azacca dry hop. An easy drinker without being boring.
American Wheat Ale
Northern Lightning
Kveik fermented West Coast IPA with Centennial and Azacca hops, slightly more malt forward than our east coast stalwarts, with a bit more hop punch up front, but not too much. A continuation of our exploration of the Norwegian kveik beers.
West Coast IPA
Spectral Waves
No animals were harmed in the making of this experimental New England IPA. You, dear customer, are the test subject. Our hypothesis, Spectrum, a pure liquid hop extract, will suffuse your palate with even more hoppy goodness. A hazy, hoppy, smooth drinking NEIPA with lots of citrus and tropical fruit and a mildly sweet body.
Brutus Galacticus
Like a Brut wine, this IPA is dry and light bodied, by far our driest beer. Notes of pineapple and assorted tropical fruits come through from the healthy dosing of Galaxy hops in the whirlpool and dry hop.
Brut IPA
Nordic Mist
Gluten free-- light and tart sour made with apricot, cloudberry, and a hint of lime
Fruited Sour
Atomic Blonde
Not your average blonde, slightly hazy, light bodied, and eminently crushable. Like Lil’ Miss we focus on building this beer to give off waves of hop floral goodness. Centennial bittered just slightly, and finished off with Mosaic and Citra in the whirlpool and dry hop.
Blonde Ale
Without the darkness there could be no light and without light no darkness, and so we offer up our darkest beer to date, Obscurity. This stout takes no prisoners with its 10% ABV, but offers deeply textured layers of chocolate and coffee on top of rich amber maple syrup.
Imperial Stout
Lil' Miss Sunshine
The proverbial flagship, bright and hazy all at once. Built to exude layer after layer of pungent, floral hop essence. Centennial first wort hops provides just the right balance of lemony bitterness, but it’s the Citra in the whirlpool and dry hop that gives it the punch.
East Coast IPA


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