Our Beer


Beer is at the center of everything we do, and a few core values have always driven the approach to our portfolio: the desire to continue pushing boundaries of experimentation with education, keeping a focus on hospitality by attempting to offer a wide range of styles for a diverse audience, and keeping our team excited and always-learning. With hundreds of unique offerings available each year, we take pride in the diversity and breadth of beer we produce.

On tap now

Lil' Miss Sunshine

IPA-ABV 6.5% IBU 52

A bright and sunny beer, it’s an easy drinking IPA with a subtle and balanced bitterness, and tons and tons of pungent fruit aroma make this our favorite crusher.


Double Imperial Oatmeal Maple Stout
ABV 10% IBU 62

This stout takes no prisoners with its 10% ABV, but offers deeply textured layers of chocolate and coffee on top of rich amber maple syrup.

Thicker Than Water

Fruited Wheat Ale
ABV 5.4% IBU 32

Our newest wheat dosed up with lots of blood orange and passion fruit. Find your kindred beer with this complex of soft bready wheat flavors, hints of funky and spicy notes from the “hef” yeast, and a subtle blend of sweet and citrus from the generous fruit additions.

Hard Landing

West Coast IPA-ABV 8.7% IBU 75

Our left coast IPA, we crush in more Centennial and Citra hops, but stick with our favorite mellow malts. This one packs a punch, but drinks so smoothly it may surprise you.


ABV 4.7% IBU 27

Based on a traditional German Kolsch, this beer has a light crackery pilsner malt base, a gentle centennial hop, and was carefully cold conditioned at 35 degrees for a few weeks to brighten and clean it, to make a delicious and easy drinking ale.

Turtles All the Way

New England IPA
ABV 7.6% IBU 51

Our inaugural NEIPA blends Bru-1 and Sabro hops and a British Ale yeast to create a tropical fruit bomb, both the haziness and the depth of hops a product of the wonderful synergy between the yeast and these amazing hop varieties.